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Our Team

We have a team of highly experienced professionals, who make sure to undertake and complete each assigned job with utmost perfection. It helps us to manufacture and delivery quality products like Laboratory Chemical, Organic Chemical, Molisch Reagent, J.S.B. Stain Solution, Sodium Bicarbonate and Needle Syringe Destroyer  etc,  to customers. Moreover, they work in accordance with the prevailing market trends, which helps stayed updated and informed with the industrial drifts. The list of our higher management team members is given below:

  • Mr. Rajinder Chopra- Managing Director
    • MBA with total work experience of 23 years in Sales & Distribution
  • Mr. Vikas Mehra  CONSULTANT
    • BSc. MBA with 22 years of post-qualification experience in sales & operations with organizations like GE, Dell and Microsoft
  • Ms. Arunima Chopra- Director
    • BSc. M.Ed and takes care of channel motivation & quality control
  • Ms. Sumera Naaz
    • M.Tech in Biotech
    • R&D Executive
  • Ms. Atishi Chattergee
    • M.Tech in Biotech
    • R&D Executive.

Product Range

  • Industrial Chemical
  • Laboratory Chemical
  • Organic Chemical
  • Research Chemicals
  • Inorganic Chemical
  • Solvents
  • Stains
  • Indicators
  • Milk Testing Chemicals
  • Hospital Grade Chemical
  • Lab Instrument
  • Medical Instrument

The detailed list of products is mentioned below:

Reagents Used In Laboratory

Benedict Reagent

Methyl Violet Reagent

Carbol Fuchsin

Molisch Reagent

Crystal Violet Reagent

Nessler's Reagent

CSF Diluting Fluid

Pandys Reagent

Fehling's Solution

Platelet Counting Fluid Reagent

Fouchet's Reagent

RBC Diluting Fluid Reagent

Gentian Violet Reagent

Reticulocyte Counting Fluid

Gram's Iodine Reagent

Schiff's Reagent

Methylene Blue Reagent

Seliwanoff's Reagent

Semen Diluting Fluid

WBC Diluting Fluid

Ehrlich's Reagent

Stain Solution

Eosin Yellow Stain Solution

J.S.B. Stain Solution

Field Stain

JSB Stain

Field Stain A & B

Leishman Stain

Giemsa Stain

Papanicolaou Stain


Safranin Stain

Powdered Chemical Salt

Barium Chloride

Sodium Bicarbonate

Benzoic Acid

Sodium Citrate

Calcium Chloride

Sodium Fluoride

Citric Acid

Silver Nitrate

Oxalic Acid

Trichloroacetic Acid

Potassium Chloride

Trisodium Citrate

Potassium Nitrate

Sodium Chloride

Potassium Permanganate

Lab Instruments


Needle Syringe Destroyer


Organo Gluco Monitor

Hot Air Oven

UV Sterlizer Dewfresh


Ultra Violet Stabilizer

Laboratory Sterilizers


Biochemistry Products & Reagent Kit

ALT SGPT Reagent Kit

Glucose Estimation Kit

Bilirubin Estimation Set

Uristic 2P

Creatinine Reagent Set

Uristic 4P

In addition, we also deal in following products:

Medicated Product

Doctor Clean

Medicated Soap

Hand Sanitizer

Neem Kleen


Ultra Clean

Lab Wash

Acid Product

Carbolic Acid

Hydrogen Peroxide

Formic Acid

Sulphuric Acid

Hydrochloric Acid

Lab Solvent





Deionized Water

Dolphin R.G.T.D. Water

Ultra Pure Water

Water HPLC

Uristics Product

Formaldehyde Solution

Lime Water

Haemotoxylin Stain Solution

Organic Chemical

Drabkin Solution

Glycerol Solution

EDTA Disodium

Chemical Reagent

Crystal Violet Solution

Phenolpthalein Solution Reagent

EDTA Reagent

Lab Oil

Cedarwood oil

Immersion Oil

Clove Oil

Lab Jelly

ECG Jelly

Ultra Jelly

Sodium Hypochlorite Solution

Ultra Clean Chemical


To meet all the market challenges in a productive way, we have built a state-of-the-art infrastructure setup. It backs us to handle and manage the available resources in an efficient way, which eventually cuts of the unnecessary production cost. Moreover, all the departments of production, quality, accounts and marketing are looked after by a team of talented employees, ensuing administrative atmosphere at the premise. Backed by electricity & water backups with fire extinguishers placed at respective areas, we guarantee full safety of the employees.

Warehouse and Packaging

We are facilitated with an assembled unit of warehouse and packaging, giving us the space to meet bulk order of consignments without any kind of hassle. The warehouse is built in a modern way, where the products are stocked with proper labellings under controlled temperature, maintaining full hygiene. Moreover, the packaging sections ensure the packaging of the products are done in an enduring way, guaranteeing safe delivery of products. Apart from all these, we are connected with 200 committed channel partners, and have national presence in almost 15 cities, which enables us to reach even far-end customers without any kind of trouble.

The Main area of our work â€Â“ excellence meets innovation.

It gives us immense pleasure to say that we have been approached by the prestigious, IDPL, which is one of the prominent PSU of the Ministry of Chemicals and Petrochemicals to merge and collaborate with us. It provide us more space to work together and derive new methodologies of meeting various chemical requirements. IDPL has mastered-the-art in the production of high-grade medicine ever since its inception in the year 1961. This organization has also played a significant role in strategic national health programs such as Anti Malaria, Anti Leprosy, Anti-TB, Family Welfare and Population based Control Programs, etc. Apart from all these, we also engage and contribute in CSR activities by handling Prabhu Kripa Charitable Trust, which provides immense support to orphans. Other than this, we specifically follow the government norms about child labor, and make sure to see that no employees below 18 years engages in some kind of work at the factory premise.

Our Clients


Indian Institute of Goat

Base Hospital

Indian Institute of Insect Research

Bureau of Indian Standard

Indian Institute of Malaria Research

DD Hospital

Indian Institute of Potato

Delhi University

Indian Institute of Rice


Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research



IARI Pusha




Safdarjung Hospital


Total Delhi Health Services

North Delhi Rail Hospital

Our Future Plans

  • To develop healthy association with 200 to 300 channel partners
  • Expand the national reach in16 to 50 cities & towns
  • To enhance the product portfolio by 1000 to 1200 in chemicals
  • Entry into products for diabetics in Q3 FY09